The moment is coming…

The moment is coming…


Q&A Sesh

If you could have been born in a different culture or time period, what would it be?

For me it would have definitely been 1920’s Jazz Age– Gatsby Era.

Effortless glamour, sparkle, feathers, art deco (SYMMETRY), gold.

Fun + Freedom.

All about the fashion– refined, classic, playful. Layered pearls, shift dresses.

Makeup was excessive, but classy.

Romance, mystery, and temptation.

What about you!?

falling in love…

I am kind of crushing on PINK today- this is new for me!


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Style Statement: Cosmopolitan Elegance

I recently decided to do my Style Statement . What I discovered is dead on, but what I need to do to live by it, requires some change, so letting go, and some moving forward. Good thing change is an area of my expertise.

Nicole Yankech, October 1985

My Definition: Independent, confident, effortless and entirely glamorous. Free. Surrounded by beauty, influenced by history, and inspired by diversity. Curious. Passionate. Misunderstood.  Philosophy on life: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Answer for it all: Why not?

Here’s what the professionals say:


SPIRIT: Cosmopolitan thrives on new experiences, sights, sounds and cultures. Curious and adventurous, they consider the planet their playground and will go well out of their way for a taste of it, even if that means traveling to far-flung cultures and places. Cosmopolitan has wanderlust and, whether in a library, at a conference, or on the Internet, naturally seek out new ideas and connections. Innately attracted to unique, odd and exotic things and people. Cosmopolitan has a marvelous collection of diverse friends. Because of their many rich life experiences, they tend to be liberal, progressive, and enlightened thinkers, often advocating for change, improvement, or reform, and willing to experiment. In excess, they might push for change merely for the sake of change or flee when they should stay and fight. penultimate city lovers. Cosmopolitan adores a great dinner party, art opening, fashion show, or concert, and love to engage on world issues and wisdom.

LOOK & FEEL: Sophisticated, citified, hip, exotic, unique, textured, current, global, polished, present-day. Cosmopolitans are often eclectic, a touch dramatic, and can pull off both high fashion and bohemian.

advanced, adept, artistry, clever, connected, cultivated, current, craftsmanship, flexible, freethinking, global, gregarious, indulgent, in fashion, instant, liberal, metropolitan, open, permissive, polished,  present, progressive, public, radical responsive, smooth, sophisticated, tolerant, topical, unbiased, unbigoted, undogmatic, universal, urbane, worldly-wise

2nd word is your edge. What moves you forward in ife, unique and captivating. What you get noticed and appreciated for…

Elegance appropriate, apt, artistic, balance, beauty, charm, clarity, class, classic, choice, cultivation, distinction, effective, exquisiteness, gentility, good, graze, grandeur, ingenious, lushness, luxury, magnificence, polish, purity, refinement, restraint, rhythm, simplicity, sophistication, splendor, stylized, sumptuousness, symmetry, tastefulness