Pretty Eats.

This morning I stumbled across the most amazing discovery Flowers Aren’t Friends, They’re Food.

One word: delicious. Okay maybe two: delicate.

How fairytale to eat food as pretty as these:

 And just incase you are tempted, here are some facts you should know!

And this is by far the best site for tons of recipes!


And they were all yellow…

Today is the 4th anniversary of my mom’s passing. She loved the color yellow and so do I.

what a perfect combination!

I am in love with this pinterest board. What a fun color combination- especially for spring! My nails are currently mint and my favorite color just so happens to be yellow.  I just may try and wear my mint jeans tmrw and a yellow top- I’ll let you know if I do!Image

(Source: The Perfect Palette)