Shopping made easier!

I am a strong advocate for online shopping. It’s easy, convenient, and way easier to make decisions because you have a million references at the touch of a finger! Recently, I ordered a pair of tennis shoes off of Not really sure how I stumbled across their website, but I love my new running sneakers!

Anyway- Inside my box (that was delievered VERY quickly) was a postcard that offered 20% of my purchase at I had never heard of this website, but figured I would hang on to the card to find out what it was. Before I go on, I should mention that I happen to be slightly obsessed with drugstores. It’s like an addiction- there is always one of my favorite products on sale and I happen to also be obsessed with having “backup items”- you never known when you will run out of deodorant! I blame my mother for these obsessions. With that said, the reason I hung on to the postcard was because it had a drugstore feel and a picture of Tide, Element Soap, and another toiletry item. Hook, line and sinker.

What a cool site I have stumbled across- its like CVS but with a Costco warehouse feel to it! I needed some brush heads for my Sonicare toothbrush and $30 brush heads turned into $20 with free shipping!

They have so many other products its hard to believe I hadn’t found it before now.

Check them out here.

They have a ton of other shops too!