Interior Style- Bunny Williams

Style Animal

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Rustic Romantic

Pale roses in a mint julep cup adorn your antique mantel; chintz drapery flutters over your windows. Your favorite pieces tend toward a palette of shabby whites and warm neutrals. You love to ensconce yourself at your British ladies’ writing desk, where you nibble on pastel macarons and sip on dainty cups of tea.

Your Design Inspirations: Rachel Ashwell; Cath Kidston.

Make It Work: Add a bit of well-worn patina to your furnishings by artfully scratching and chipping the paint.


Add a little glamour to the rustic-romantic look by creating a cabana-style structure outdoors. Pile on the pillows and hang a chandelier (or three) if you’re game—your guests will never want to leave.


deliciously organized: go with the flow

I don’t need words to describe my feelings about this image, but if you do, Carlee Scanlon,author of deliciously organized, can.

Okay, I’ll say one thing- I’m moving to the Charente area of southwestern France and befriending Mary Cadogan who just happens to know a lot about food and own’s the garden that outlines this quaint river location.

Go With The Flow