a million reasons why I miss fall and love pumpkin

Long story long, I moved to California last September and I missed Fall. Winter too. I’m not happy about it because I feel like a part of me is missing.
I also know that Summer basically just started and its 90 degrees and sunny everyday here in sunny California and those are the kinds of days people dream of. But for me, I miss pumpkin everything, crisp leaves falling, warm cocoa, pumpkin ales, fires, scarves, cinnamon and cuddling weather.






Think Pink

From: theglitterguide.com

One of my favorite blogs to follow, theglitterguide.com, posted the above image to their “4 ways to add pink to your home” and I had to share.

Mostly because I can’t decide which image is my favorite…

xx ny



I never want my obsession for balloons to ever end…

Izak Zenou


That's me- with balloons :)

really old picture, but that’s me- with balloons 🙂

And they were all yellow…

Today is the 4th anniversary of my mom’s passing. She loved the color yellow and so do I.

Pink and Gold

Essie, of course, in Muchi Muchi and Penny Talk.

Pinterest Love

If I was going to tell you a story with colors, I would have to ask The Perfect Palette for some assistance! Here blog is SUPER organized, just like I like it, and endless combinations of color! Her Pinterest page has just as much, if not more, color inspiration.

Here are some of my favorites, obviously my favorite color, yellow, has made an appearance: