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“Right- he is so dreamy…. I love him and his hot bod. He’s so dark. Like our souls. Let’s wear dark makeup and paint our nails black and walk around in Chanel leather/studded pants/skirts and white chiffon shirts and look like we just walked out of biker bar in Paris and seduce everyone that looks at us with are red lips and bedroom eyes.” -Me

” …that was the best paragraph I’ve ever read in my entire life” -Lauren


Karl Lagerfield does it again.

The first time I REALLY fell in love with Chanel was when Nicole Kidman starred in the Chanel N°5 short film….

Karl Lagerfield‘s new leading lady, Kierra Knightly, has joined Nicole on my list of all time favorite people in the world as she stars in her own Chanel short film, “Once upon a time…”. Click here to read WWD’s article.

The tweet:

Women’s Wear Daily

4/29/13, 8:50 AM

Keira Knightley stars in “Once Upon a Time…,” Karl Lagerfeld’s latest production for Chanel: