Reupholstery 101.2

and the 2nd one…

okay, this one was alittle more difficult. I had to get a very larger upholstery needle to be able to put the buttons on the chair again. And this chair happened to be several decades older than the other I did, so the nails were alitte rusty.

IMG_2734 IMG_2741 IMG_2752 IMG_2760

Big needle- big job!

Big needle- big job!

Need to mark the spot!

Need to mark the spot!

IMG_2766 tada2


Reupholstry 101

Finshed 2 chairs!! The hardest part is taking it apart, putting it together is actually quiet simple. Well, as long as you keep your pieces in order. IMG_2675 IMG_2691 IMG_2701 IMG_2732tada

Weekend in Newport

Haute Cakes Haute Cakes Haute Cakes

Haute Cakes

Haute Cakes

Haute Cakes Castaways Castaways Castaways Castaways Park Castaways Park Castaways Park Castaways Park

hello november.

It’s been a while…

… since I’ve blogged and I feel that I have failed my attempt to blog my life in CA. So today I am sharing a commercial that I am in love with and not because of the fact it’s about gelato, but because this Italian couple helps me feel okay with the fact that I like to argue, about nothing. And explains a lot about being Italian 🙂

Ways to share your donut.

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The truth about about growing up…

It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.”

Orange County & Corona Del Mar

Orange County

Well folks, this is my new neighborhood. Ain’t she pretty? Orange County. The pink heart is my house, the periwinkle star is my beach– we are only 15 minutes apart. I haven’t been able to do much exploring outside these 2 locations but as soon as I do, this is where I will share!

As for my beach- Corona Del Mar– an absolutly beautiful beach. There’s this historic feeling that takes you to mediterranean countryside. The beachfront houses all have their own indiviual characteristics- my favorite being glass french doors on the front patio wide open so the cool ocean breeze can blow straight through the house (this is a picture I need to take, this house is located on the street that I always park on, Jasmine Street).

Here are some photos of Corona Del Mar. PS- if you look long enough you can start to see the sun dance along the water.

New Beginnings.

New Beginnings.