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Go and brush your shoulders off.

Shoulder pads, I am quite obsessed and for a # of reasons:

1. THE 80’s Fashion Staple- I’m an 80’s baby who also loves big hair.

2. Shoulders are sexy.

3. It takes inches off your waist or at least gives the illusion 🙂

4. It makes a statement.

These are my favorite dresses:

Balmain_Jennifer Connelly

Herve Leger by Max Azria_Miley Cyrus

HBO's Post Emmy Award Reception

Let your piggie toes free!

Bernard Rudofsky

Unimpressed with contemporary clothing. An architect of vernacular design.

Bernardo Footwear, established in 1947, was inspired by Roman sandals that mimicked the shape of the foot. He designed sandals when they weren’t the popular shoe to wear. He believed that the modern shoe was designed for a much different foot than intended. I can’t post a picture of what he means because it’s too disturbing, so you can click here. We should all thank Bernard for letting our piggies get some breathing room!

Pretty Pieces

Had some time this weekened to put some necklaces together- was feeling the orange!

IMG_2395I typically breakdown old necklaces that I love their pieces but need to update them a little, like the tigers eye necklace- I just added the gold beads to jazz it up a bit!

Aerin Lauder

One of my all time favorite women. She has that effortless, but completely glamorous je ne sais quoi that I am inspired by.

Her Southampton store is opening May 25th! @ 831 Main Street. To set the scene for you- this area is near the ocean, has a reputation for wealth and exclusivity, and is characterized by historic buildings and beautiful mansions. (sigh…)

Although I can’t afford the items at her store, I can still appreciate them! I just joined her mailing list to keep in the loop of what she has going on.

images from: Peconic Bay Realty,,,, KOTUR

Shopping made easier!

I am a strong advocate for online shopping. It’s easy, convenient, and way easier to make decisions because you have a million references at the touch of a finger! Recently, I ordered a pair of tennis shoes off of Not really sure how I stumbled across their website, but I love my new running sneakers!

Anyway- Inside my box (that was delievered VERY quickly) was a postcard that offered 20% of my purchase at I had never heard of this website, but figured I would hang on to the card to find out what it was. Before I go on, I should mention that I happen to be slightly obsessed with drugstores. It’s like an addiction- there is always one of my favorite products on sale and I happen to also be obsessed with having “backup items”- you never known when you will run out of deodorant! I blame my mother for these obsessions. With that said, the reason I hung on to the postcard was because it had a drugstore feel and a picture of Tide, Element Soap, and another toiletry item. Hook, line and sinker.

What a cool site I have stumbled across- its like CVS but with a Costco warehouse feel to it! I needed some brush heads for my Sonicare toothbrush and $30 brush heads turned into $20 with free shipping!

They have so many other products its hard to believe I hadn’t found it before now.

Check them out here.

They have a ton of other shops too!


Q&A Sesh

If you could have been born in a different culture or time period, what would it be?

For me it would have definitely been 1920’s Jazz Age– Gatsby Era.

Effortless glamour, sparkle, feathers, art deco (SYMMETRY), gold.

Fun + Freedom.

All about the fashion– refined, classic, playful. Layered pearls, shift dresses.

Makeup was excessive, but classy.

Romance, mystery, and temptation.

What about you!?

Let’s Celebrate!

You may or may not know this about me, but I LOVE balloons! This past week we launched our Estee Lauder GWP and this year Estee Lauder and Lilly Pulitzer teamed up to create and exclusive printed bag and mirror for the gift.

Long story long, to promote the gift we set up “Pretty in Prints” parties in 9 of our Lilly shops.  I have never been a Lilly girl, its not that I don’t like the brand- its adorable! But it just doesn’t speak to my own style, Cosmpolitan Elegance. However, while walking through the shop I discovered my first Lilly Pulitzer love…  and her name is “Pop” and she is covered in balloons. And did I mention I love her?

Pop Pop2

Charlotte‘s party was on Thursday, 4/4 and the flip-book booth was quite the hit! Check out mine here– with my buying team 🙂

(source: Lilly Pulitzer)

trend report

trend report

I am loving this style! Young, hip, trendy- San Francisco maybe? source: belk fashion coordinator