Interior Style- Bunny Williams

Style Animal

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Rustic Romantic

Pale roses in a mint julep cup adorn your antique mantel; chintz drapery flutters over your windows. Your favorite pieces tend toward a palette of shabby whites and warm neutrals. You love to ensconce yourself at your British ladies’ writing desk, where you nibble on pastel macarons and sip on dainty cups of tea.

Your Design Inspirations: Rachel Ashwell; Cath Kidston.

Make It Work: Add a bit of well-worn patina to your furnishings by artfully scratching and chipping the paint.


Add a little glamour to the rustic-romantic look by creating a cabana-style structure outdoors. Pile on the pillows and hang a chandelier (or three) if you’re game—your guests will never want to leave.


Reupholstry 101

Finshed 2 chairs!! The hardest part is taking it apart, putting it together is actually quiet simple. Well, as long as you keep your pieces in order. IMG_2675 IMG_2691 IMG_2701 IMG_2732tada

Orange County & Corona Del Mar

Orange County

Well folks, this is my new neighborhood. Ain’t she pretty? Orange County. The pink heart is my house, the periwinkle star is my beach– we are only 15 minutes apart. I haven’t been able to do much exploring outside these 2 locations but as soon as I do, this is where I will share!

As for my beach- Corona Del Mar– an absolutly beautiful beach. There’s this historic feeling that takes you to mediterranean countryside. The beachfront houses all have their own indiviual characteristics- my favorite being glass french doors on the front patio wide open so the cool ocean breeze can blow straight through the house (this is a picture I need to take, this house is located on the street that I always park on, Jasmine Street).

Here are some photos of Corona Del Mar. PS- if you look long enough you can start to see the sun dance along the water.

Which HouseStyle are you?

I’m having a hard time deciding, but I am thinking either Colonial or Spanish is my type.

Think Pink


One of my favorite blogs to follow,, posted the above image to their “4 ways to add pink to your home” and I had to share.

Mostly because I can’t decide which image is my favorite…

xx ny