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“Scripture says that before you were born, God knew you. He knew every one of your days before they ever took shape.”


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Digestion and Detox

I am looking for some good yoga poses that help aid in digestion and natural detox. I have been introducing a lot of newness into my diet and feel like I need to include some of those benefits into my practice.

Here I found a great step by step plan from Shape. This blog is pretty awesome too! Below are some of my favorite poses among the several out there.


Supta Matsyendrasana (Reclined Twist) The reclined twist stimulates the flow of fresh blood to your digestive organs, which in turn increases the health and functioning of your entire digestive system

Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall) This helps to increase blood and lymph circulation. Fresh blood flows to the abdomen encouraging digestion and this pose also calms the nervous system.
Wide-legged Forward Fold with Twist: From a wide-legged forward fold, heel-toe feet wide, about three to four feet apart. Take left hand to right ankle or shin, reach right hand toward the ceiling, and lean back. Stay here or, if it would feel even better, bend right elbow, take hold of the top of left thigh, and lean back. Breathe for 5 deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.
Bow: Lie facedown, bend knees, and take hold of ankles. Press feet into hands, keeping knees hip-width apart, and lift chest off the ground. Stay here for 5 deep breaths. (If this is uncomfortable, locust is a great alternative.)
Photo Credit: Shape and Abes Market

National Ice Cream Day

Today is a very special day for us ice cream lovers.

The International Ice Cream Association (IICA) encourages retailers and consumers to celebrate July as National Ice Cream Month. In 2013, National Ice Cream Day will be Sunday, July 21. (IDFA)

To celebrate, a dairy-free way, I made Triple Coconut Sorbet (recipe here). I choose to eat this creamy, coconut sorbet over a Ghirardelli brownie.



Its Friday- be fearless.

Its Friday- be fearless.

Photo Credit: Beria Charles

Grilled Salmon Panini

Made this heavenly goodness over the weekend! Smoked salmon and goat cheese, what could be better!?Salmon


For the recipe click here: Salmon Panini

I found you, Ms. New Smoothie

I’ve been wanting to try some smoothie recipes for awhile so this is my first!


1/2 Banana
Handful Strawberries
Handful Raspberries
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup Almond Milk
Handful Spinach Leaves
1/4 cup Oatmeal
2 Handfuls Ice

Blend it baby!

The Most Spectacular Show On Earth

Today my dreams of being an Aerial Trapeze artist will come true.

I signed up for my first Air Fit class! “AIR® FIT voted “Charlotte‘s Best Fitness Class”** This full body, strength-training and flexibility-building workout introduces you to aerial exercises on silk fabrics. AIR® FIT follows a circuit of exercises to increase endurance, strength and flexibility in your abdominal, back, and upper body, hence, creating a solid foundation for any workout. Personalized attention for a 1/4 of the cost of a personal trainer.” – Flex and Fit

I will be channeling my inner Marlena from Water for Elephants; only with silk fabrics instead of horses.

Here is a look at my schedule:

Day Time Class Instructor
This week at Flex and Fit
Tue 6/11/2013 6:00 pm AIR® FIT Brittany
Wed 6/12/2013 5:30 pm Barre Strength (*P) Jane
Thu 6/13/2013 5:30 pm AIR® YOGA Nicole
Fri 6/14/2013 5:40 pm AIR® Barre Interval Brittany
Sat 6/15/2013 10:00 am Power Yoga 75 (*P) Jane
Next week at Flex and Fit
Mon 6/17/2013 5:30 pm Pilates + (*P) Laura

Can’t wait to share the experience!

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And just because I love the movie and this dress (and I love umbrellas):

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. –Marsha Norman

Pretty Eats.

This morning I stumbled across the most amazing discovery Flowers Aren’t Friends, They’re Food.

One word: delicious. Okay maybe two: delicate.

How fairytale to eat food as pretty as these:

 And just incase you are tempted, here are some facts you should know!

And this is by far the best site for tons of recipes!

Today’s Word

When David wrote Psalm 27, he was going through a tough time. Things weren’t going his way. But he said in effect, “I’m not worried. I’m not upset. I am confident that I will see God’s goodness.” In other words, “This situation I’m in may be rough, but that’s not going to steal my vision. That’s not going to cause me to give up on my dreams. I am confident that this year, I will see God’s favor in a new way.”

Joel Olsten