The Art of Fashion

For a brief period of time, during college, I would have added “fashion illustrator” to my list of talents. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. I would really like to get back into sketching!

Until my skill has returned, I will just appreciate those who can. I am completely in love with these 2 artists.

Izak Zenou and Inslee Haynes

Izak Zenou has worked with several fashion publications and has products at Target, Sephora and several other retailers. He also is the artist behind Henri Bendel’s fashion sketches.

Photo Credits to: Izak Zenou, Pinterest, Pinup and Cartoon Girls

Inslee Haynes does custom portraits (how cool!??) and making a name for herself in NYC.

Photo Credits to: Inslee Haynes


2 thoughts on “The Art of Fashion

  1. I also just recently picked up my pencil and started my attempt at fashion sketching.
    Unlike you, I have no history of interest in drawing… so I am like a late-bloomer when it comes to drawing. 🙂

    Good luck to your decision to come back to sketching!

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