I wish I was the moon tonight…

Okay, I am obsessed with finding different things to try for my beauty routine so I feel like I am pretty knowledgeable about several different areas of beauty, but this is news to me!

So in the same way the Farmer’s Almanac uses the universe to make predictions, the Lunar Calendar uses the moon to routine our beauty. Now you have to be a little into astrology, I think, to understand and accept this type of guide, but even if you aren’t I find it to be still very interesting.

From Well-living Blog, Luba clearly lays out when its best to get a haircut, manicure and facial!

I found this little gem to be quite interesting, Lunar Calendar, roll over the cards for details on beauty by day.

There’s even an app. Okay, now things are getting serious. I am going to keep doing my research, but I need help understanding where this came from/started…

(Side note: love this song…) 


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