When I grow up…

When I was younger I would rummage through my mom’s makeup drawer and swipe her Avon sample lipsticks and mix them with my Dr. Pepper lip smuckers chapstick. I would take baby powder and mix it with small squirts of my mom’s perfume to make my own scent. My favorite part was when my dad would let me try out all my creations on him 🙂

Had I known that you could go to school to become a cosmetic chemist (yes, strange, but I didn’t realize this until after graduation) I probably would have gone that route.

Like Bobbi Brown, I too didn’t have much direction in school (her story). Growing up in the south can have its perks because geographically its very nice (Carolina blue skies, beautiful fields of flowers…), but for someone with my ambitions and my passion it wasn’t the best place to learn and explore what true potential there is in the beauty world. In fact, true story, I have my “When I grow up…” project from when I was in 5th grade that reads “…be a fashion designer, marry an actor, and have one kid.” A fashion designer is all a southern girl knows to be when you want to be in that industry, so, instead, I got a degree in Fashion Marketing-not too far off, and luckily I am in the cosmetic industry!

Finding other women, like Bobbi, who grew up with similar endeavors and seeing who they have become makes my journey a little sweeter because its a reminder to me that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” (Proverb, English) One of my favorite quotes from Bobbi, from her Pretty Powerful book, is, “I am fortunate to be passionate about what I do. Makeup, color, and everything visual have always been what makes me happy. …finding the things that make you light up is what life is all about.” (Full quote here)

PS. I still want to marry an actor and only have one kid… somethings never change.



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