In other news.

1) Today I wore my new pink dress. Its made of venice lace and has a very flattering, feminine shape. I paired it with my Nine West ivory, patent leather peep-toe pumps- which I got at TJ Maxx. I’m very in love. I specifically wore the dress today b/c one of my friends is having her “baby reveal party” this evening and we are supposed to wear the color we think the baby will be. Pink or Blue! And since “on Wednesday’s we wear pink”, its only natural that I predict her to be having a girl!

2) I had a conversation today about the appreciation of butter. Immediately I thought about Bride Wars and just for the record I looked to see if there actually is an “International Butter Club”. I haven’t found one… yet.

3) According to, love the app- get it here the word of the day is theurgy.

1. a system of beneficent magic practiced by the Egyptian Platonists and others.

2. the working of a divine or supernatural agency in human affairs.

“One kind of theurgy is accepted and seen as true in many Christian churches — it’s God getting directly involved in our affairs, through miracles or divine intervention. Other kinds of theurgy involve magic, as in casting spells and doing magical rituals. The word comes from the Greek theourgia, “sorcery,” which in turn is rooted in theos, or “god.”” –

Receiving THE call today about an opportunity of a lifetime would be an act of theurgy.

What would be your miracle today?


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