Baby Feet

The best part of working in cosmetics is the opportunity to try new products. I will pretty much try anything if you tell me that the results will be amazing and more than worth the risk! Of course, I do my own research on the products and read reviews that are out online, but being a guinea-pig isnt’ a scary thing to me!

This past week I tried Baby Feet. The product claims that “Baby Foot is designed specifically to remove unwanted dead skin cells from your feet. It’s effective, effortless and very simply to use.” And well, they weren’t lying!

The socks are interesting, themselves, and they are filled with all of these vibrant, clean, and fresh ingredients that cool on your feet for 1 hour.

Within 3 days the peeling began! unfortunately, on the night of my power yoga class– eek! A little embarrassing and gross that layers of skin are sliding of my feet and onto my mat, but if the yogis in my class are true yogis’ their attention was not on my feet, but on their own mat! (Let’s hope!)

By day 6 the peeling took over my feet and, yet again, yoga was a bit of a challenge, but nothing stops me! I seriously think that at least a centimeter of skin came off. Scary, right!? But the results were baby soft. Brace yourself, this gallery is a bit close-up! Don’t judge me by my before pictures, please, I just happened to really need the product!


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